Hi I am RachelSara  I live with Lupus . My life has changed in many ways . I live in daily pain. I rely on God. I am in all natural treatments and live by Daily Encouragement in the Word of God . I have many friends on my Lupus Team who live like I do. Isaiah 53v5 says But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. I have been ill since I was born, I am closer to Jesus more than ever, it is more important first that we are Healed spiritually and our body is healed on His time. Many people who live with illnesses feel rejected at times because they are not healed. I am a firm believer that He wants us healed spiritually first. My God is bigger than my struggles and in my Faith in Him I have come along way with my walk daily. Over the years I have witnessed to the sick and so I created this group Daily Encouragement as I reflect back on all the ones I met along the way and the ones I Pray for daily. Anyone can join Daily Encouragement God Bless


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  • As we walk the pathway of this life , We see the human suffering and the strife
    Then sometimes doubt , as the world around us falls

    Then we see the blue sky through the winter trees , the green spring grass , the bright fall leaves
    to remind us of just who controls it all.

    For if a loving GOD with HIS mighty Hands , made this little blue ball upon which we stand
    And HE hangs the world upon nothing among the stars

    Then HE'S close to you as your next prayer ,and HE really watches and HE truly cares
    About what your going through ,and just who you are
  • Each of us as Christians abide in the mighty and protective Hand of The LORD. Sometimes it seems as if HE has forgot and misplaced us as we began to drown in the rough waters of Life and our Spiritual well being gets washed away during the stressful times of trials , temptations and even tribulations that from time from time find us. I myself as a preacher even forget, and it shames me to realize how easy I do it. TRUST is the essential part of my friendship with the LORD, and in those quite times of refreshing, GODS WORD starts to reassure me that HE has all this in HIS control , and my part of trusting in HIM through Faith requires me to let go of the steering wheel ,and let HIM point my life in the direction HE has intended me to go. Christian Brothers and Sisters, GOD sometimes gives us the darkness of this world ,so we might look up and see the Stars of HIS. HE reminds us that in the worse moments of our lives, HE has been there all along the way. We can find peace in whatever situation we might find ourselves, only if we trust HIM at HIS WORD and come to that conclusion that “ it is impossible for GOD to lie” ,That HE always sees us no matter if we are in a high or low tide of life. We should never be discouraged to the point, that it out worldly effects the whole Body of CHRIST. Each of us as prays the prayer of intercession on behalf of others before himself and in return others are doing the same on our behalf. Another words your battle is my battle, and my battle is your battle and we are going to be victorious through the Name of JESUS CHRIST our LORD. HE sees you this very moment, you have not escaped HIS sight. (HEBREWS 13:5) Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have : for HE hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. The LORD desires that you have a firm foundation that is unshakable and through the storms Victory. That is sometimes easier said then done ,I will have to admit, yet if we will take comfort in the TRUTH that HE is always there watching over us ,we can certainly have that peace that only He is able to give when our world is coming apart.
    (MATHEW 28:20) Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: lo, I am with you always , even unto the end of the world. AMEN
    Keep looking up in Trusting Faith toward the LORD. We are almost home, “Let us go hence”
  • Prayers Sent
  • I found the little book of encouragement and will try to give you some quotes from that and give the credit to the people who wrote it because the Good LORD knows that I am no ways near smart enough to compose a little book such as this one.

    JESUS said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in ME will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in ME will never die. Do you believe this?" John 11:25-26

    This little book, "EVERYDAY COMFORT" Spiritual Refreshment for Women, put together by Rebecca Currington and Patricia Mitchell has several different topics that we encounter every day. They listed them and dealt with them in alphabetical order, but I chose to begin where I felt a pull towards the topic. I am not going to give you a re-typed missive of their writing, I'm going to attempt to put it into my own words. The things we truly believe in whether it be that we are smarter or prettier than others can give us a stronger self-esteem (a good outlook) or it can make us vain and a person others would prefer to avoid. Our beliefs can give us that type of attitude that others want to be around as well. It is all in the way we use the belief when interacting with others. The MOST IMPORTANT BELIEF (in my humble opinion) is our belief in our GOD. In our everyday lives if we move through our days with a sour look and mean minded attitude, we will not win anyone over to our LORD. BUT!, If we give each person we meet or simply pass by a simple smile and a Bless you as we pass by, think about the influence you may possibly be giving a non-believer, not to mention the boost to your own belief, especially if that smile is returned to you! As we go about our days we need to be more aware of just how strong an effect we and our actions and attitudes have on others. These are simply my uneducated thoughts on how our beliefs can effect others, hopefully in a positive manner. If you agree or disagree please feel free to talk about it. I want this to be an open forum so that we can all learn. The good LORD knows I can always use the input. May the Good LORD Bless you and Keep you. In Christian Love, terry
  • Sisters, I must apologize for not having even to look for the book of encouragement.This morning I had an appointment with my pulminologist. I have not seen him for several years since my mom passed. He simply slipped my mind. I have been having problems breathing and dealing with my sleep apnea. I am unable to wear my c-pap because I don't get enough air from it. I wake in terror because I feel as if I'm suffocating. The doctor informed me of something my family doctor failed to tell. That is that my heart is enlarged due to the lack of oxygen and also the lack of oxygen is causing my feet, ankles and legs to swell. I am having problems breathing when doing much of anything, although lately I have made an effort to get up and move about more often. What I need to ask of you is please pray for the LORD to stand by my side helping me lose the weight I need to lose and also please ask that HE help me like veggies and fruits that up until now I have hated. I thank you so very much for your assistance with this problem. I will again try to find that book.
    In Christian Love, terry Live, Laugh, Do Good
  • Terry I see that this site is stagnant I would love to help get the site up and running again. After all does' the everyone need daily encouragement.
    • AMEN.
    • Absolutely, Deb, I would love to get this site going. It is one I feel is needed, I just don't know where to begin. I just had an idea! I believe I have a book of inspirational sayings and Bible verses. It can maybe give us a start. I know because of plagiarism we have to be careful with other books, but I believe we would be safe with the Bible. :-) I will hunt for the book this evening and see what I can do. You have me very excited now! LOL Someone better watch out. LOL
  • Hi Terry sounds like you have been through a lot. I have also as my daughter has struggled with her autoimmune disease for 15 years. However no matter how hard it has been God has always provided us with the tools to provide Amy all of her needs. She has also been a great testimony of healing as 15 years ago she was in children's hospital in Seattle for 4 months, 3 of those months she was in a coma and the physicians caring for her did not believe she would make it. Well she did and those same physicians informed us that Amy was one of there top 5 miracles. God gave me the gift of faith during these difficult times as no matter how grim things looked I new she was going to make it through this and wake up from her coma. I new the strong faith that I had was a gift because at that time I was a critical care nurse and with that knowledge it did not look good I was at peace because I new she would live. Now 15 years later Amy is married with 4 beautiful children. Ages; 1, 2, 5 and 9. She now battles blindness however a month ago she had surgery to her left eye and sight has improved and as many pray I believe will continued to be fully restored.
    God Bless you I will pray for you!!!
  • Hi Deb! It's good to have a new member. I wasn't aware that you are a nurse. I think that is wonderful. In my mind nurses are some of our LORD'S greatest angels here on earth. I have 2 cousins who are both nurses. They go through a lot during their years of labor. As I'm absolutely sure you do as well especially with a daughter with health problems. I worked in the late 70's and early 80's in a nursing home where they sent me to take a class that when I passed it gave me my QMA (Qualified Medication Aide). I don't believe they even use them anymore in Indiana. It allowed me (after passing a state test) to pass meds to nursing home patients under the supervision of an RN. I ended up quitting that job because I couldn't deal with the loss of patients. It was, for me, like losing a family member. By 1986 I had made a great friend who is still very close to me. She helped me to grow some self-confidence and I went to a technical school and received my tech certificate for Executive Assistant (glorified secretary). LOL I worked as a psychiatric secretary till my breakdown at work in February of 98. After that, not only did my mental health suffer but so did my physical health. I have coronary artery disease, RA, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, gurd, COPD, Asthma, and I'm Bipolar. There's more, but I just can't remember it all (yet another problem) memory. At least I can still remember loved ones' names as for birth dates that's another story. The best thing I have going for me besides my faith is the sick sense of humor the LORD saw to it that I got. That's just a bit about myself to give you an idea of who I am. I'm glad you have joined us. The group has been in kind of a stagnant phase lately. Maybe there is something we can do about that. I've been afraid to try on my own.
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