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Pastor Rolf Anderson replied to Dr. Derek P. Blake's discussion Diagnose the Illness
"True, Born Again, Jesus Loving and Scripturally sound Christians today remind me a lot of the people living near the shoreline when a huge Tsunami comes roaring ashore picking up everything that floats (cars, furniture, dead people, junk-everything) and slams it against the buildings going up the streets overwhelming everything in it's path. I'm sure you remember the video of the poor folks in Banda Ache in 2004 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3sSkbnCtB0) when this happened. All the people can do is stay in a solid building, and try to climb as high as they can to get away from all this overwhelming junk coming at them with great force. We keep climbing madly towards God, trying to not get overwhelmed by all the junk being forced towards us by the secular society we live in.
This junk that tries to destroy everything Christian in it's insane push to overwhelm us is caused by a combination of Political Correctness and a dishonest media and government, and the force propelling it all…"
1 hour ago
Pastor Rolf Anderson posted a blog post
keith hobkirk
Yesterday, 10:56 PM Pastor Rolf
 If a Christian could have his choice
(Thomas Brooks, "A Cabinet of Choice Jewels" 1669)
If a Christian could have his choice, he would be . . .
  the most humble,
  the most holy,
  the most heavenly,
  the most mortified,
  the most patient,
  the most contented,
  the most thankful,
  the most fruitful,
  the most active,
  the most zealous, and
  the most self-denying Christian in the world.
If he could have his choice, he would be as holy as
God is holy; and as perfect as his heavenly Father
is perfect; he would do the will of God on earth, as
the angels do it now in heaven, namely--freely,
readily, cheerfully, delightfully, universally,
reverentially and unweariedly.
If he could have his choice, he would exercise
every grace, and perform every duty, with all
his might.
He sees so much excellency and beauty in God and
Christ, that he cannot be at rest until he is swallowed
up in the enjoyment of them. He sees so much e…
1 hour ago
When anxious thoughts multiply within me, my soul delights in God's consolation!
Sarah Dobert is now friends with Dr. Derek P. Blake, Pastor Rolf Anderson and Mary Osborn
4 hours ago
Donald Safford liked Donald Safford's blog post it's my Desire
9 hours ago
Good evening Brothers and Sisters. I hope you've all had Blessed and great days. It is my prayer that the LORD sits by your bed as you slumber and rest peacefully. GOD Bless.
Pastor Rolf Anderson left a comment for David Harris
"Please stop using this site to advertise books for sale. It's against the rules."
10 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake replied to Dr. Derek P. Blake's discussion Diagnose the Illness
"I am Annette speaking about the greater church as I see it and experience it today, specifically here in the UK, but also from media from across the world.  The church does little that God ordained except in self interest.  They change God's laws to suit themselves, worship craven images, observe pagan feasts and rituals, I could go on.  Of course there are the faithful who stand fast on scripture, and I pray that I will be included in those who do.  In general the problem is not the rank and file, who often believe what they are told to believe, but the various church establishments, Anglican Church plc, or the Roman Church Co Ltd.  As organisations they giving their members false teaching, same sex marriage and evolution for instance.
Thank you for post though, I hope I have started off some trains of thought in you."
11 hours ago
Annette McEndarfer replied to Dr. Derek P. Blake's discussion Diagnose the Illness
"I would ask you how you define church. THE CHURCH is made up of true followers of Christ, the Bride, who stand in His righteousness across the planet and in some countries the gospel is powerfully spreading and missionaries are being sent out. I would venture to guess that you are speaking of the state of the American church... those who "say" they are believers because they show up in a building once a week and try not to do anything bad. I agree that the state of the church in our country is in dire need of THE TRUTH and the power that comes with that TRUTH. Be encouraged, God is still at work doing things for His glory and we must each be sure that we are walking faithfully with Him even when others around us are not."
12 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake posted a discussion
We have all read the Book of the Acts of the Apostles, or the Book of Acts as we normally call it, and as we read we marvel at the way the church increased in numbers, sometimes by five-thousand in a single day. We marvel also at the miracles wrought by the Apostles through the Holy Spirit, and we may even long for those days to return. Personally I am sick of hearing how the 'age of miracles has past' or how we are in the 'Post-apostolic' times and we can't expect today's church to be the same as when the apostles were alive. To both statements I reply, 'Why?'

When we compare the church of Acts with today's church we mostly point to the culture of the day, the late Iron-age early Bronze-age, and say how different life was then. They had no TV, someone said at a Bible-study; whilst true there was no mass-media, the news still seemed to get around very quickly, as for the other material we see piped into our homes, I think we can do without it. I wonder, if we were able to ask one of…
12 hours ago
Dawn Blake commented on Dr. Derek P. Blake's blog post Did jesus Really Know the Future?
"Very interesting and as we discussed it certainly makes you think about how much Jesus knew, how far the Father let him see and what He let him see!"
14 hours ago
Donald Safford posted blog posts
15 hours ago
  • Pastor Rolf Anderson The link didn't get printed out, Brother. Is your other posting that has a link and no description the link for this?
    15 hours ago
https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/you-gods-world-devils-customizedsong... Do you belong to God's world?
Annette McEndarfer is now a member of Voice of The Martyrs
16 hours ago
Annette McEndarfer replied to Terry Stonebarger's discussion In All Honesty I Sometimes Feel Like a Hypocrite
"I think that one of the biggest issues that believers deal with is their identity. Who we are in Christ is amazing. When we try to put our identity into ourselves, our abilities, our good acts, etc. we fall so short. Remember who you in Christ, if indeed you are in Him."
16 hours ago
Donald Safford commented on Donald Safford's blog post The Power of The Holy Spirit
"Thank you sir: You are absolutely correct on the attitude of the church. It seems to me that political correctness has found it's way into the church. "
17 hours ago
David Harris replied to Terry Stonebarger's discussion In All Honesty I Sometimes Feel Like a Hypocrite
"Good post Terry."
18 hours ago
David Harris replied to Terry Stonebarger's discussion In All Honesty I Sometimes Feel Like a Hypocrite
"I think most Christian one time or another think just like you.  I know I do.  Sometimes we believe we're on top of the mountain and then just the smallest of things can ruin our day.  I just remember that I'm just dust and ashes and God saved only my soul not my flesh.  Knowing that just makes me want to pray even more and think how others might be struggling with how they feel.  My solution is for anyone who feels hypocritical of themselves to just spend a little bit more time in prayer for "someone else."  You'd be surprised to know that a lot of Christians are way, way worse off than you and I put together.  Pray for someone else.  I believe that if you do, someone unknown to you will be praying for "YOU"  Give it a try.  You reap what you sow.  Pray a prayer for some that you don't know and you'll reap a prayer from someone who doesn't know you.  Go ahead and give it a spin. You'll be glad you did!     David                 www.goodbooklets.net ;;"
18 hours ago

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