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Eloise Dunn posted a blog post
We sang a song in church this morning.  Talking about lifting up and filling hearts! Not only that, the Lord was speaking to me, while I was reading my Devtional, this morning.  Since it's still to early, for the Christmas study, the words do study as I was reading the Devotional.  The Devotional was Titled Unconditional Love.  So, I'll be looking to see what I can come come up with, for my study on this very subject, Unconditional Love.Back to the song now.  In place of my ususal Blessings, I'll leave you with this song:THIS IS AMAZING GRACE:God Bless!
9 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake published an article in Top Christian Websites & Resources
Collected Bible Studies – For CHRISTIANS LIKE YOU

Christians Like Me announces the publication of a e-Book of thirty-nine Bible Studies by Dr. Derek P. Blake, which have been posted in the Bible Study Group over the past year.  The e-book also features several of pastor Steve Zomok's lovely paintings, for which we thank him.   The book has been created in an attempt to promote CLM to a wider audience and increase the membership. Each study was inspired by the Holy Spirit and the result of much prayer. It is the ideal way to do your private study off-line, when you have not got an internet collection, or use it as the basis for group study. Or why not give the e-Book to someone as a present?
There are presently two ways to get the e-book, is is now ready to be downloaded FREE of charge from:
All you need to do is sign up for a FREE membership of the site and go to:
and the book is yours.

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Dr. Derek P. Blake posted a discussion in Bible Study
Another BIG question that has been intriguing humans for thousands of years is, where and what is Heaven, the abode of God, the trinity and the angels. In this study, which follows on for the previous study on 'what happens when we die', I want to investigate what the Bible tells us about heaven and examine how some popular misconceptions line up with the Bible.
Firstly, to define what we are to study, we must look at the meaning of the word 'Heaven' in scripture. Basically there are three meanings in scripture, Heaven, the realm of our God; the word that describes the space, and the state of mind. However the Bible phrase, "heaven and earth" usually indicates the whole universe [Genesis 1:1] [Jeremiah 23:24] [Acts 17:24]. In the Jewish tradition, there were three heavens:

The firmament, as "fowls of the heaven" [Genesis 2:19] [Genesis 7:3] [Genesis 7:23] [Psalms 8:8] "the eagles of heaven" [Lamentations 4:19].

The starry heavens [Deuteronomy 17:3] [Jeremiah 8:2] [Matthew 24:29]…
16 hours ago
Zomok, steve commented on Richard Hicks's blog post My Dream
"I think the dream is suggesting that he was and annoyance and possible persecuter, which makes good sense, in as much as he pushed for bills and laws that seem to hinder our liberties."
17 hours ago
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Pastor Rolf Anderson commented on Richard Hicks's blog post My Dream
"He DID tend to do that."

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