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jade replied to jade's discussion ok listen to this lil guy he sums it up for me
"i know but like a child,, i related i guess"
4 hours ago
Pastor Rolf Anderson replied to jade's discussion ok listen to this lil guy he sums it up for me
"While seeming to be a very bright, articulated young man, he doesn't seem to have many answers; he discusses the questions well, says "but I could be wrong" a lot, and doesn't make conclusions. I, myself, turn to the Word of God (the Bible) for the answers to these, and just about every question I have as it brings completeness and fullness to the answer to questions about life, reality, us, the universe, etc."
4 hours ago
jade posted a discussion
4 hours ago
jade posted a photo
finally back and caught a good catch 20 fish going back agian   fish counts up..... and responsibility kicks in and.. must slaughter fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!for? if G-D did not give us this lovely slippery fiendish friend... for feast and homage ,,, then uh,,erumm,wull?we'd,,,,,,,,,,,,,just walk around confused,,likesome aimless thought bearing tumbling phenomenon wondering aroundlooking for something shiny to chase drag catch net to boldly go where no fish has gone,,,!!!!!!!!!  well. anyway lets just say ,,erumm,,uh...they  sure are tasteyhey?
7 hours ago
Terry Stonebarger liked Amanda Shannon's blog post Worship Service at Home
11 hours ago
Terry Stonebarger commented on Amanda Shannon's blog post Worship Service at Home
"Sister Amanda you are very lucky in deed!  I have my husband, adult son, adult daughter and our youngest granddaughter and grandson all living in the house with us.  If I would suggest this, my family might just have me committed.  Although, I throw out there to each one of the kids "JESUS loves you".  I like you do not attend a formal church as yet.  There is a small Baptist Church across the street from me.  I may not be able to drive, but they  cannot take my walking away.  As soon as my new teeth come in I will be across the street.  I can do Sunday school with my great grandson who is 2."
11 hours ago
Terry Stonebarger commented on Pastor Rolf Anderson's blog post The Secret to Loving Jesus Much
"Thank you Pastor Rolf for sharing.  To hear and then believe we are still forgiven now for the sins we still make.  I is hard to believe but MUST be Believed because the Bible does not lie.  It tells us we continue to be forgiven.  Thank YOU FATHER in Heaven."
12 hours ago
Terry Stonebarger liked Pastor Rolf Anderson's blog post The Secret to Loving Jesus Much
12 hours ago
Amanda Shannon left a comment for Pamela Ann Paige
"“But you, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head. I cried aloud to the Lord, and he answered me from his holy hill. Selah I lay down and slept; I woke again, for the Lord sustained me.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭3:3-5‬ ‭ESV‬‬"
13 hours ago
Amanda Shannon liked Dr. Derek P. Blake's article Session 5 – Staying Free in Healing - Jesus' Gift to You
13 hours ago
Amanda Shannon liked Dr. Derek P. Blake's article A Basic Glossary of Astronomical Terms in Looking Up - Observing God's Glory
13 hours ago
Amanda Shannon liked Zomok, steve's photo in Christian Artists & Crafters
13 hours ago
Amanda Shannon posted a blog post
I don't attend a local church, regularly, but do visit one, from time to time, whenever possible.In between those visits, my husband and I have a worship service at home.It's not always held on a Sunday because he works most weekends. So we choose a time when he and I and our son all three can gather together at home to have a simple and reverent meeting. Sometimes other family members have joined us. We've had up to 8 people at a time. The photo was taken by me back in November 2014, when we first started having these home meetings. He is one of my husband's two small nephews who both joined in with us one evening, along with their dad, my husband's younger brother, and, truly, all of us enjoyed ourselves very much while we were helping the boys with this children's bible lesson called, Jesus Walks on Water.Afterwards, the boys listened in and watched while we adults studied scripture, prayed, took communion, and followed the guidance of the Spirit of God.Each time we have had these…
13 hours ago
Zomok, steve posted a photo in Christian Artists & Crafters
In water mixable oil paint.  I cropped a little too much as my name is cut off.  This represents both friendship and hope....
14 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake published an article in Looking Up - Observing God's Glory
A Basic Glossary of Astronomical Terms
Altitude =      The angular distance of an object above the horizon.
Apastron =    The point of greatest separation of two stars, such as in a binary star system.
Aperture =    The size of the opening through which light passes in an optical instrument such as a camera or telescope. A higher number represents a smaller opening while a lower number represents a larger opening.
Aphelion =     The point in the orbit of a planet or other celestial body where it is farthest from the Sun.
Apogee =      The point in the orbit of the Moon or other satellite where it is farthest from the Earth.
                       Apparent Magnitude = The apparent brightness of an object in the sky as it appears to an observer on                                    Earth. Bright objects     have a low apparent magnitude while dim objects will have a higher apparent          magnitude.
Asteroid =     A small planetary body in orbit around the Sun, larger than a met…
16 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake posted a discussion in Looking Up - Observing God's Glory
Meteor showers are a regular occurrence, regular in every year the same showers occur at the same time every year.  They occur when the Earth passes through the remains of comet debris as the Earth’s orbit passes through the rubble.  Always best seen through binoculars.
In a few days there will be a  meteor shower, but you will have to get up early in the morning, before dawn to see them.  Here is a list of up-coming meteor showers.
July 28-29, 2016 Delta Aquarids – best viewed in the Southern Hemisphere and tropical latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere. The meteors appear to radiate from near the star Skat or Delta in the constellation Aquarius the Water Bearer. The maximum hourly rate can reach 15-20 meteors in a dark sky. The nominal peak is around July 27-30
August 11-12, 2016 Perseids - The Perseid meteor shower is possibly the most famous meteor shower of the year for the Northern Hemisphere. This year the rather bright waxing gibbous moon will be in the sky until after midnight…
16 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake published an article in Healing - Jesus' Gift to You
Session 5 – Staying Free
Step 3 - Teach a people how to stay free from those chains and the lies of demons and how to move forward after deliverance or spiritual healing.  Keeping Christians free.
2 Corinthians 4:3-4 (ESV)
3”Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, 4 who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.

2 Corinthians 4:3-4 actually charges us who have been comforted, or counselled, by God through the Spirit, to also counsel those who are in need or are afflicted.  I believe this to be our duty, just as charity and spreading the Gospel message is our duty.  Just as we are instruments in bringing people to Christ, we also need to be instruments in bringing peace to those who turn to Christ, through the Spirit, and in His name.  It is our duty to instruct the client on how to stay in that ‘comfort…
21 hours ago
Hi everybody! I guess you wondered where I've been. I was not well, and I could not get online. Last Friday night, I had a seizure--it was a new kind for me. I was aware that I was having a seizure, but I could not call out for help. On Saturday morning, I woke up thinking I was having a stroke. My nurse called 911. They took me to the hospital where I was admitted. I did not have a stroke, but I suffered with Todd's Paralysis. This happens sometimes after having a seizure. Dr. Faircloth changed my meds from 500 mg twice a day to 1,000 mg twice a day. I received therapy for my right leg. I went back to the nursing home on Tuesday morning. I am finally coming back to myself.

With God's help, I shall be going to church this coming Sunday. I almost forgot. I am in a wheel chair right now. They do not want me to fall. It is only precautionary.

The next lesson for the group should be completed by Wednesday. I have to type it up, and edit it. I plan to set up the upcoming blogs using a…
  • Amanda Shannon Keeping you in prayers, Pamela.
    13 hours ago
  • Dr. Derek P. Blake So sorry to hear about your troubles Pamela, you will be in my prayers, however it's lovely to have you back with us and I truly look forward to your next post. I trust that Jesus will hear our prayers and heal you. Every blessing.
    15 hours ago
Zomok, steve replied to Dr. Derek P. Blake's discussion Jewish History Confirms Nicodemus as an Actual Person in Facts & Evidences (Apologetics & Logic)
"He stood out somewhat among the Jewish population.  The name is said to rare and the idea that two different people with the same name and active among the population in the early and mid first century is not likely so he surely is the same person.  There is also the apocryphal gospel of Nicodemus, which might contain some real truth even though it is from about 200 AD.  It is all a wonderful thing to research."
Dr. Derek P. Blake replied to Greg Wischoff's discussion Forgivness of Sin in One Way Youth Teen Ministry
"Hi Greg, please don't think I am nit-picking here but I just wanted to clarify some of the points that you made.  Jesus made the sacrifice in the cross once and for all, certainly, but He didn't forgive 'EVERYONE'S' sin.  There is a caveat to that, and that is that we need to repent and ask for forgiveness, it is not a license to go out and sin because our sins are forgiven, no matter what we do. Like Paul, who struggled over things of the flesh and needed to repent.  That is why, when Jesus taught His disciples how to pray, He gave then an outline for prayer, we have used that outline as THE pray to say, we call it 'The Lord's Prayer'.  In that prayer pro-former has the section that says, "Forgive us this day our sins as we forgive those who sin against us,' this is a plain indication that we must continually repent and ask for forgiveness. Yes we should have such a relationship with Jesus/God that He knows our heart and that we are repentant, but that does not negate us asking for f…"

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