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Dr. Derek P. Blake posted a discussion in Looking Up - Observing God's Glory
If you have been listening to the news ove the past couple of days you will have heard about a new planet that has been discovered orbiting another star, Proxima Centauri, some four light years distant from us.  The discovery, or conformation, was made by the astronomy department of my old college, Queen Mary's, London, but no one has actually seen this planet.  It is a mathematical probability, because everything we know about this planet is mathematical, we know it's there because we have measured the very slight wobble of the small red dwarf star, a wobble so slight that at its maximum moves at about walking speed toward and away from us.  We have estimated the star's mass mathematically and the planet's orbital distance mathematically as well as the planet's mass.  Yet for all this lack of information they have produced the most wonderful artist's impression of what this planet may look like.  Not only this but they have calculated that this planet is in the 'Goldilocks Zone', jus…
3 hours ago
Debby Slater left a comment for Mary Osborn
"Thank you for adding me Mary!"
4 hours ago
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4 hours ago
Amanda Shannon posted a blog post
The piece of text on the image said, "I'm not what I ought to be. I'm not what I wish to be. I'm not even what I hope to be. But by God's grace and Jesus' love I'm not what I used to be."All of us do things or have things in our lives that God doesn't want. None of us live in sinless perfection, but does that mean we shouldn't talk about God or share the gospel of Christ until we do?I want to please God with my life, but I know I fail in many ways. My failures don't mean I don't want or long to apply the truth to my life, and I readily admit that I'm not perfect. No one else is, either.So I'm not going to stop talking about God but I'm going to press on because I know that my imperfection should never be used as an excuse to stop talking about God, stop praising Him and thanking Him, or stop sharing the gospel of Christ.It is Satan who wants to make our relationship with God one that is based on self effort and how well our performance is to live up to God's commands.My relationship w…
4 hours ago
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Debby Slater left a comment for Debby Slater
"Thank you Pastor. Thank you Steve."
19 hours ago
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20 hours ago
Zomok, steve left a comment for Debby Slater
"Welcome to this spirit filled site Debby."
20 hours ago
Tony Stormcloud posted a blog post
Please watch this brilliant video by the late Patrick Heron on The Departure of the Church.
20 hours ago
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23 hours ago
Debby Slater left a comment for Dr. Derek P. Blake
"Thank you Dr. Blake for your warm welcome."
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melissa lynn warner is now friends with Pastor Rolf Anderson and Mary Osborn
glory to god the king who sits on high have a blessed day my friends
Dr. Derek P. Blake replied to MINISTER MICHAEL TODD BURRIS's discussion Knowledge Part 2 Bible Study 8/19/2016---8/26/2016 in Bible Study
"We, all Christians that is, need to remember that we are citizens of the Kingdom of God, Jesus is our King, and that government transcends Earthly governments  Isaiah 9:6-7 says:

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder,and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.7 Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end, on the throne of David and over his kingdom,  to establish it and to uphold itwith justice and with righteousness from this time forth and forevermore.  The zeal of the Lord of hosts will do this.

WE have long called Jesus our King, He is the only God in history that has had this title, the several titles of earthly rulers, Prince, for instance.  These titles would mean nothing unless He rules a 'Kingdom', which is what the word means, king-dom, and a kingdom is made up from citizens, us we are the citizens of the Kingdom of God with Jesus as our K…"
Please pray for my dear friend Rhonda her dad is in the hospitial
  • Pastor Rolf Anderson Have you posted this prayer request in the Prayer Group? I suggest you do, and get Sister Terry and the Group involved with the prayer.
Dr. Derek P. Blake left a comment for Debby Slater
"Greetings Debby, and a warm welcome to Christians Like Me, a very fine and Spirit filled site, with many devoted Christians who would love to welcome you and be your friend.  The site acts as a community in Christ, caring and supporting each other.  There are lots of things to get involved in here and a good range of groups covering many interests; I notice you like to write, and there is a group dedicated to our writers that you may like to join, called 'The Writers Pen'.  Just browse the site and join in where ever you feel led.  Every blessing."
Good Morning! I want to share a quote author unknown, that a cousin of mine posted on FaceBook....."Never look down on someone....Only GOD sits that High". I feel like too many times we do look down on others without even realizing it, me included. I'm going to start today to correct this in me.
Pastor Rolf Anderson left a comment for Debby Slater
"Hello, Sister Debby, and welcome to Christians Like Me, a Community of Committed Christians who come here to share their Faith, support each other, learn from each other, and have some fun. I'm sure you will find a good home here with us!"

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