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"Hello Brother Robert and welcome to Christians Like Me! We're a web based community of committed Christians who come here to share our Faith in Jesus Christ, support each other in all our affairs, learn from each other, and have some fun. There's a Newcomers Guide located at the top of the main Home page, and if you feel you need personal help learning how to navigate the site or getting plugged into it, just contact me.  I join all the other members in praying you find a good home here!"
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8 hours ago
Annette McEndarfer’s discussion was featured
If this has been discussed before I apologize but I am interested to know what your thoughts are about this thinking. What do you believe about the Jews and God's plans for them?
8 hours ago
Pastor Rolf Anderson replied to Annette McEndarfer's discussion Replacement Theology
"I agree that the conversation with Dr. Derek is a wonderful example of just how much the Father Loves all of us, and you two of His children. You both talked out your differences, got into the most basic and fundamental tenents of our Faith, and came away pretty much in complete agreement on every point. Also, for those members who haven't the breadth of study or knowledge of Scripture, these comments are excellent teaching points on God's relationship to man and His expectations of us. Bless you both for the time and energy put into this discussion!"
8 hours ago
Zomok, steve commented on Zomok, steve's article Some free verse poetry and some that used scripture as pattern in The Writer's Pen - It's Not What You Write, It's How You Write It.
"For awhile I have had the desire to produce a book based on some of my blogs and postings from several sites. I have not decided on which things to choose. Just a few days ago I found a prayer that my late grandmother, Ruby, penned, in a photo album. I am seriously thinking about it all."
10 hours ago
Annette McEndarfer replied to Annette McEndarfer's discussion Replacement Theology
"That made me smile. I agree with 100% of what you wrote. Our only differentiation might be just what is God's law. "
12 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake replied to Annette McEndarfer's discussion Replacement Theology
"No Annette we agree to agree, I too am saved by grace, and I break just as many laws as you do, possibly more, but having been saved, I believe that I should do my very best to try to obey God's law, not just disregard it, because it is of God.  I do not believe however that God changes, the scripture tells me that.  God is eternal, He exists outside of time, He is in our past, present and future all at once, Jesus' sacrifice was His plan from before the Earth was founded.  So He must be the same God who does not change, that's what omnipresent means."
13 hours ago
Terry Stonebarger liked MINISTER MICHAEL TODD BURRIS's discussion 'Lifting Up The Standard' Bible Study 2/25/2017---3/4/2017 in Bible Study
13 hours ago
Terry Stonebarger replied to MINISTER MICHAEL TODD BURRIS's discussion 'Lifting Up The Standard' Bible Study 2/25/2017---3/4/2017 in Bible Study
"Thank you Pastor Burris for yet another very good lesson for me to learn from.  In my simple way of thinking, it reminds me of a children's Sunday School song, "I'm in the LORD"S Army".   That little memory reminds me that that is exactly where I want to be.  GOD Bless you Pastor"
13 hours ago
Annette McEndarfer replied to Annette McEndarfer's discussion Replacement Theology
"We'll have to agree to disagree on the law :) . If I had to depend on my obedience to any law for my salvation then I'm in trouble. My salvation is totally dependent on the righteousness of Christ, not anything I do or don't do. I have been saved through faith by grace, not by works, so it wouldn't be me that I could boast in. 
Ephesians 2:8-9 8 for by grace have ye been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; 9 not of works, that no man should glory. I believe the reason repentance is not mentioned in the NT after Acts is because of what I mentioned earlier... it is faith by grace. 
I absolutely agree that God does not change, He does however, I believe change with how He deals with people. He does not deal with folks the same way He did with Adam and Eve in the garden or when we are with Him in heaven or after God the Son - Jesus died and was resurrected for our sin. He is always faithful to His Word. We are to confess our sins as His children when we…"
13 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake replied to Annette McEndarfer's discussion Replacement Theology
"Again a great reply Annette.  As to keeping the Mosaic Law, it was and remains God's law, a series of rules that He wanted His people to live by, whether they were capable or not, that was God's wish.  Because God is constant, never changes, surely He continues to want us to live by His law?  Let me place it in modern day context.  We are driving at high speed down the turnpike, we are pulled over by the police and issued with a summons to appear in court, at that point we are under the law.  We go to court, confess to the crime and hopefully say we are sorry and pay the fine, once that is paid we are no longer under the law, but the law still exists.  We are not under the law until the next time we offend, then the same process takes place, fine or prison sentence.  It is like this with God, we break the law, admit that we did it, say we are sorry, but the fine has already been paid by Jesus, then we are free from the law, until we sin again.  Even though we are free from the law (an…"
14 hours ago
"Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself"

- Desiderius Erasmus
MINISTER MICHAEL TODD BURRIS replied to MINISTER MICHAEL TODD BURRIS's discussion 'Lifting Up The Standard' Bible Study 2/25/2017---3/4/2017 in Bible Study
"Greetings in the name of Jesus, Pastor Rolf. Thank you so much for this very insightful comment. You literally know, and understand (maybe not when you were carrying your Company's Standard then), The significance of this. As Christians, we seem to get 'COMPLACENT' with our walk with God, in our Churches, and in the natural, with the freedoms we have. What I meant when I stated about the election and who to vote for and such, people seem to have lost their 'Standards' somewhere or somehow. And that concerns me. When we have our Bibles (or we should) and we are to study/read this daily. And then pray that the Holy Spirit will teach us to apply this to us first. We know that we are to live a life pleasing to God (once we a are saved). How could these Christians ask 'Who should I vote for?' It was NOT about the two people that were running to get elected. But, what was each ones platform? Which platform goes with a persons Biblical Morals/Values/Standards? This was the un-asked question.…"
15 hours ago
Annette McEndarfer replied to Annette McEndarfer's discussion Replacement Theology
"I want to say first off that I am thoroughly enjoying this conversation. 
I do wonder though.... while I agree about the need for repentance I think that there is no amount of repentance one can do to achieve salvation. The sacrificial system in the OT was a picture of what was to come... the blood. Hebrews 11 is pretty clear that there is no forgiveness of sin without blood. That is why the imputed righteousness of Christ is the ONLY way of salvation. We acknowledge that we cannot meet the laws demands of perfection, we have failed, we are all sinners and turn from (repent) from the dependence of our own "righteousness" and take on HIS. So I guess I'm seeing that acknowledgement and dependence is hand in hand with confess and repent.

When I refer to the church I am referring to the same as you. When I refer to THE CHURCH I am referring to the group of believers across the world who regardless of denomination are individuals who when the wheat and chaff are separated will stand befor…"
15 hours ago
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