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First day on the Job went great.
Fledflihffsaked skirk, natalie edmondson and Debbie Scalia joined Bible Study
23 minutes ago
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2 hours ago
Terry Stonebarger replied to MINISTER MICHAEL TODD BURRIS's discussion 'The REAL Christian' Bible Study 6/20/2015---6/27/2015 Part 1 in Bible Study
"Pastor Burris, Please, if you would, could you please read what I just wrote as a reply to Brother Blake?  I struggled over what I was writing,but that is the best of what I could come up  with as a plan. II am not letting go of my beliefs, simply taking a step back and asking GOD to give me the words to speak and win over or win back others. 
Yours in Christ,
5 hours ago
Terry Stonebarger replied to MINISTER MICHAEL TODD BURRIS's discussion 'The REAL Christian' Bible Study 6/20/2015---6/27/2015 Part 1 in Bible Study
"Brother Blake, At this juncture, prayer is ALL that I do have.  I must pray for help in knowing what to say and how to say it or when to keep quiet.  I have been told by my sister-in-law, "Don't Poke The Bear!".  It has never been my intent to do anything like that.  I am going to send my sister-in-law a private message in a bit and then I will tell her that I will be leaving for a few days coming on Thursday.  I am not giving up my opinions, I am attempting to find a possible better way to let them be known so as to draw in others rather than pushing them away.  This seems to me to be the better part of valor in this case.  Please ray that I find the answers I seek.  
Yours in CHRIST,
5 hours ago
Zomok, steve left a comment for Kim M Mitchell
"Welcome to the site Kim."
6 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake replied to MINISTER MICHAEL TODD BURRIS's discussion "The Coming Persecution" Bible Study 6/27/2015---7/4/2015 in Bible Study
"My dear brother Michael, my sympathies are entirely with what you say here.  Here in the UK the British government changed the legal definition of marriage in 2013, to my mind and abomination, because this was the first ordinance that God gave man, in Genesis 2, when He formed Eve from Adam's rib.  It was not only a blatant rebuffal of God, but was actually technically illegal.  PM Cameron stated in 2012 that, 'nothing would stop him pushing this law through - because it was right to do so,'  even though it was actually against public opinion.  The office of the Prime Minister set up an on-line consultation where ordinary people could give there opinion, the result was that around 57% were against the redefinition of marriage.  Of that consultation the 'Gay Lobby' as it was called, mobilised the homosexual population en-mass, but still they failed to skew the result, but that did not stop Cameron from bushing the law through.  The PM put a 'whip' on the party vote, meaning that all Co…"
8 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake replied to MINISTER MICHAEL TODD BURRIS's discussion 'The REAL Christian' Bible Study 6/20/2015---6/27/2015 Part 1 in Bible Study
"Surely Michael, we have to do more than just walk away from these situations.  In this situation it is almost impossible, in earthly terms, for Terry to get these nephews to any form of deliverance ministry, because they are minors and under the influence of their mother.  The important thing to do is, as I have told Terry privately, to bind the evil spirits that are inflicting this family and pray constantly that God softens their hearts.  In this case there seems to be a spirit of confusion, a spirit of homosexuality and immorality, at the very least, Terry and hopefully her church, should be going into spiritual warfare and binding thes spirits.  In prayer the Holy Spirit will show you haw to pray Terry. "
9 hours ago
MINISTER MICHAEL TODD BURRIS replied to MINISTER MICHAEL TODD BURRIS's discussion 'The REAL Christian' Bible Study 6/20/2015---6/27/2015 Part 1 in Bible Study
"Greetings Sister Terry, As Pastor Steve said, this is the right thing to do. I postponed Part 2, of last weeks Study, to post The Coming Persecution. Look at this weeks Study. There is going to be a great persecution towards us Christians in the days, months, and years to come, until we are called away. These children, sad to say this, are the way they are because of the sin of this parent. If these children are to got healed, delivered, they are to come to Christ and ask for the forgiveness of their sins, as well as ask for the parents curse that is upon them to be broken. Do not argue with anyone. That is what they want you to do. Just say thank you Lord, and go on. I have been told that they hoped (the gays I have talked to on Facebook), my children would be born gay. This cannot even happen. We are not born that way. We are made in the image, the likeness of the Father. I will be back on tomorrow. God bless, Pastor Burris"
10 hours ago
MINISTER MICHAEL TODD BURRIS posted a discussion in Bible Study
Proverbs 1:7---The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction, this means--- This is the first principle. Religious reverence is the beginning, not the end of knowledge. True wisdom is to justify God and condemn self.Proverbs 8:13---The fear of the Lord is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the forward mouth, do I hate, (hate evil)---A man may depart from evil as a matter of policy yet love it in his heart, but to hate it he must have divine wisdom. By nature men love evil.   On June 26, 2015 @ about 10:00 am, the Supreme Court handed down its decision on same sex marriage. A 5-4 vote, making it a so called law of the land. It is said that this law will not discriminate against those that still believes marriage is between a man and a woman. I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS. If you do not know your history, then you will re-live it. So, what is the history? (1) The Democratic National Convention in 2012, voted to remove God fro…
11 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake posted a blog post
NATIONAL DEBTToday most of Europe has been thinking about the country where we lived for five years, up until May of 2014; Greece. Greece owes $352.7 billion to foreign investors. It owes its top two foreign creditors – the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) – roughly $264.5 million (75% of its total debt). Greece owes Germany 56 billion Euro ($61.1 billion). The further loan from the IMF has been refused, so Greece cannot pay the money back that is due on Tuesday. So it looks like Greece will exit the Euro zone (some of the EU members who share the same currency). Greece is an anomaly, but is not on its own when it comes to national debt, the UK's national debt stands at the moment close to £4.8 trillion ($7.56 trillion), some £78,000 for every person in the UK. However the national debt of the US stands at this time at a staggering $18.2 trillion. Almost every nation on Earth has a national debt, that is owed mainly to various banks, yes my friends, the ba…
15 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake left a comment for Pastor Rolf Anderson
"Acts 3:8 (ESVUK)

8 "And leaping up he stood and began to walk, and entered the temple with them, walking and leaping and praising God."

I know this is a children's song, but it was given to me this morning and it is such a joyful song, and I feel that is what you will be doing very soon."
15 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake left a comment for Kevin Price
"Hi Kevin, Welcome!  This is an inspiring site full of God-loving people, good to have you join us.  Blessing in Christ."
16 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake left a comment for Kim M Mitchell
"Hi Kim, welcome to this great Christian site, I have found it both encouraging, supportive and insightful, with some really great brothers and sisters, I hope you find this also.  Blessings in His name."
16 hours ago
Good morning Brothers and Sisters. :-) Please, let's don't forget to remember Pastor Rolf in our prayers today as he goes for his surgery. The surgeons can use the LORD'S help any time they go into any surgery. I'm sorry, I just can't trust any doctor or surgeon who doesn't feel the need to call on our LORD when doing his/her job. I once worked for a psychiatrist who would stand and tell people that he was GOD!!! Needless to say, I didn't care for him. Sadly he was a "mean and angry at the world" type of person, and that is not good for a psychiatrist to be. It's going to be a long day until we hear anything and you who know me know that I am a worrier. However, I am trying very hard to give this to our Heavenly FATHER and stop worrying and rest on HIS great capabilities. In the meantime, know also that my thoughts and prayers are also for all of you that you have a safe and beneficial day. Live, Laugh, Do Good
  • Zomok, steve We all hope and pray that brother Rolf comes through smartly and will even gain in health.
    7 hours ago
  • Dr. Derek P. Blake Yes Terry I know what you mean, people with doctorates (and I speak as one of them) can have a superiority complex, you may have heard the old joke:
    Question: 'What's the difference between God and a Doctor?
    Answer: God KNOWS He's God.
    16 hours ago
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