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MINISTER MICHAEL TODD BURRIS replied to MINISTER MICHAEL TODD BURRIS's discussion Knowledge Part 2 Bible Study 8/19/2016---8/26/2016 in Bible Study
"Greetings Bro Derek in the name of Jesus. I see what you are saying. When Barack Hussein Obama first run for president back in 2008, I could not really do any research on him. He had everything, his papers he wrote at Harvard Law School, Occidental College, and he broke one major requirement that should have never put him on any of our states ballots, and that was he NEVER gave his birth certificate up. 31/2 years into his first term, Mr. Trump made him put his birth certificate out for everyone to see it. In the state of Arizona here, in one of its Counties, the Sheriff there hired his own private investigators to research this long form birth certificate Barack Hussein Obama put forth. Sheriff Joe, emailed out the findings that were found. I wrote down the points, went to that birth certificate, and saw for myself this was a fake birth certificate. When Barack Hussein Obama won the first election, I was down hearted in my spirit. Something was not right with this man. I was staying…"
1 hour ago
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Evangelist Joel Torres left a comment for Johnson Stephanie
"Thanks Stephanie for the connect, have a blessed week.
Evangelist Joel Torres"
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"Thanks Vivian for the connect, have a blessed week.
Evangelist Joel Torres"
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Dr. Derek P. Blake posted a discussion in The Importance of Being a Creationist
Today I spotted an article, which after reading it I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.  It seems that a 'scientific working group' at an international meeting of geologists just recommended that Anthropocene, be included in the Universal Geologic Time Scale, joining such geologic periods as the Pleistocene, Jurassic and Stone Age in the geologic column.  Just in case the meaning of the word 'Anthropocene' has escaped you for a few minutes, the word means literally, 'Time of Humans'.  This week a group of 35 scientists in South Africa, on Monday (29the August 2016), said, "Yes, we are globally affecting the rock record and, yes, we should officially consider a new epoch."
No pardon me for being cynical, but didn't the Age of Humans (The Anthropocene) start at about the same time as this Earth was made suitable for all life, and within days of all life being created?  The whole of history, and prehistory, was the time of humans, our race has impacted on our planet since day six of cr…
8 hours ago
Any members who live in central southern Africa are to be treated to a Solar Eclipse tomorrow between 6am and 12 noon (universal time - GMT). It will not be a total eclipse but an 'Angular Eclipse, because the Moon is too far away for it to totally cover the Sun, this is also called a 'Ring of Fire Eclipse. Sorry, I'm afraid that it will only be Africa that will be able to see this eclipse.
Zomok, steve commented on Dr. Derek P. Blake's blog post Miracle at Cana
"Good points.  And there is nothing wrong with drinking small amounts of wine.  Moderation is a key."
12 hours ago
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13 hours ago
John 3:3

(3) Jesus answered and said to him, "Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God."
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Lord I Thank Thee for Opening up My Eyes My Heart My Spirit and My Soul I Will Always Praise Your Holy Name
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"Welcome to a great Christian site! You are going to love it here! Thanks for adding me as a friend! I look forward to our fellowship!"
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jade posted a discussion
ok,,,gooooooood morning and im now getting used to having so much time off ,,im gonna use it to research a different wayapparently,,,im not going anywhere anytime soon,,, but im learning to rest is good  cause im feeling better..... this is incredible how is it our bodies wont respond like they did when we were 20?  ah thats just wrong!......clearly the body is rebellious and forgetful,,why we did that same thing quiet well years ago didnt have any trouble .....then whats the trouble  now,,,,as i ask my body it simply ignores me and does what it wants to do,,,,, how rude,,,,,lolya i guess our bodies change over time hey? and have unreasonable requests in my opinion   .... sleeping quiet nicely and ,,,,erummm what? huh?,,you need to do what ,,,,now?didnt we already do that?   oooh but 3am bathroom run is i tell my bladder if everybody was getting up at 3am does that mean you have to?apparently yes,,soooooo for some reason im stuck here and ive got nothing but time to study…

How Do You Study the Bible Effectively?

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What is Heaven Like?

The concept of heaven has intrigued artists, theologians, and laypeople throughout history. According to recent polls, two-thirds of Americans believe that heaven is a real place. But what is heaven really like? Is it a Hallmark card, filled with…

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Why Does God Allow Evil?

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