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Cary Byrd liked Dr. Derek P. Blake's discussion Four For Creation - videos in The Importance of Being a Creationist
8 hours ago
Zomok, steve posted a photo
At 7:46 PM I was along the Everett waterfront and captured some images.  Here we see the low sun over some naval ships.  This illustrates the great balance of the natural beauty and providential care.
9 hours ago
Well, it's nearly 6 p.m. and I'm beat!! I haven't done anything really except fix dinner, which ended up being awful. I tried a new recipe and it just didn't turn out right. Oh well, I'll know next time to stick to what I know instead of trying to change what was good to begin with. It is my prayer for all of you that you have a wonderful night and great days ahead. May the LORD Bless you and watch over you throug out the night. PEACE & LOVE
Terry Stonebarger replied to MINISTER MICHAEL TODD BURRIS's discussion The Persecuted Believer 4/18/2015---4/25/2015 in Bible Study
"Come quickly LORD, Come Quickly!"
9 hours ago
MINISTER MICHAEL TODD BURRIS posted a discussion in Bible Study
Let us look more into the study from last week. I have talked to people and they really believe that the Christians today will not be persecuted in some of the ways that we see happening today. Just this week, Christians were taken out to sea and thrown overboard and drowned. Americans live in a protected world I guess. We are seeing the war on Christianity here now, and growing stronger since 2012 presidential election. Now before anybody starts saying things bad here, just think back at what has happened since that monumental election. The president was saying that he needed to get elected to finish what they started. The Democratic National Convention, with the Mayor of Los Angeles opening the Convention up, put forth a vote for the Democrats to vote to remove God from their platform. Google this and see for yourself. Not once, not twice, but three times they voted to remove God. Now, let us move forward. Look at all that has happened now to Christians. Christian business owners do…
10 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake posted a discussion in The Importance of Being a Creationist
14 hours ago
ChristiansLikeMe.net via Facebook

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Pastor Rolf Anderson liked Dr. Derek P. Blake's blog post Risk In The Army of the Lord
16 hours ago
ChristiansLikeMe.net via Facebook

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Dr. Derek P. Blake posted a blog post
In my last job before I retired, among other things, I was responsible for developing the organisation's Risk Assessment policy and procedure, a science, although not an exact one. Risk Assessment is something we all do on a regular basis, when we cross the road, when we walk down the street or drive, even when we sit on a chair, our eyes do an assessment to see if the chair will hold our weight. Risk Assessment is as old as man, in fact it is built into our brain in the way we think and into our bodies in order to react, 'Fight or Flight' is a human response to threatening situations, and the decision between the two is almost instantaneous. Jesus certainly understood the need to make decisions and make assessments, in Luke 14:28-33, He speaks about assessments:    28 “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? 29 For if you lay the foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone who see…
18 hours ago
Good Morning my friends! Today is a special day for our family! :-) It was this day 58 years ago that we were blessed with my baby brother. I thank GOD for him every day. He isn't a member here at CLM, but I just wanted to share my Thanks to GOD with you all regarding the blessing HE bestowed on the Shultz family so many years ago. The family GOD Blessed me with was the best one for me. HE knew what I would need in life and HE provided it before I was even born. I HAVE BEEN BLESSED!!! PEACE & LOVE
Dr. Derek P. Blake is now a member of Joyful Noise - Songs
20 hours ago
M Singh Evangelist commented on M Singh Evangelist's blog post GOD"S FAVOUR
"Thanks for sharing your thought Sis Terry Stonebarger.No its not disrespecting ."
22 hours ago
Cary Byrd liked Dr. Derek P. Blake's photo in Christian Artists & Crafters
Cary Byrd liked Pastor Rolf Anderson's discussion Hypocrisy among the media and the LGBT political activists in American Christian Issues
James Melvin Glass is now friends with M Singh Evangelist and Pastor Rolf Anderson
Andrea liked Dr. Derek P. Blake's photo in Christian Artists & Crafters
Struggling to rest in God's peace while life frustrations continue to snag me. I wish I had blinders to the world.
Dr. Derek P. Blake posted a photo in Christian Artists & Crafters
A picture I do not have any more, but it is an oil painting of Godrevy, island that sits in the Atlantic Ocean off the north coast of Cornwall in the far south-west of the UK.  It was painted for some friends who have a special attachment yo the place and spend many hours a year in their camper-van.  Godrevy is on the east side of St. Ives bay, which is a favorite spot for UK surfers, because of the Atlantic swell. 
  • Zomok, steve Looks good.
    9 hours ago
  • Dr. Derek P. Blake Yes Andrea it is a lovely spot, though on several occasions when I have visited I could hardly have called i peaceful.  On my last visit I arrived just as an Atlantic storm hit, I sheltered n my car through the worst of it, during which the waves were swamping the island.  The short video below shows the aftermath of the storm.
    20 hours ago
  • Andrea Oh, I wish I could retreat there for a month or so.  It looks so peaceful.
Zomok, steve left a comment for Dafhne Peter
"Welcome to CLM Daphne.."

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