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Eloise Dunn posted a blog post
Doing better......but I'm still very weak. I'm using my quad-cane now, and not the walker, except for when I get up in the middle of the night. I'm not dizzy, but still get a little lightheaded at times. And I can only walk a very short distance at a time. Hopefully I'll be back on Monday, but I just may stay in the in and out mode for a little while longer, like I'm doing now. For all who have been praying for me, thank you, and please keep those prayers coming! They are helping! God's Blessings pour out for you all!!
1 hour ago
Josie left a comment on Prayer Requests
"Prayers said for Betty.I hope she is doing better today."
1 hour ago
Josie left a comment on Prayer Requests
"Prayers said for Betty.I hope she is doing better today."
1 hour ago
Josie left a comment on Prayer Requests
"Praying for Marissa and John that God will intervene in their lives.I think most families are dealing with these kind of things.The enemy is deceiving a lot of young people in these last days,including some of my family members also.Praying for their salvation and deliverance."
1 hour ago
Josie left a comment on Prayer Requests
"God is good and I pray Dave will continue to be in good spirits until God see fit to take him home.Last year this time I was dealing with my son whom the doctor's had given up.He went home the day after Thanksgiving after holding on for weeks.God is in charge and He knows what to do.Thanks for the update.I am glad your friend is still here."
1 hour ago
Dolan McElmurry commented on Dolan McElmurry's blog post Friends, Love them, but sometimes you want to ***** them
"Thanks! We all have Minds and believe me they are NOT THE SAME! chuckle! not funny but true!

so one friend won't care if you take your time, but another friend will care if you take your time or take too long. Like why would my friend take 45 minutes of his time to show up at my house then like 15 minutes later get angry and say he is leaving. That is PETTY!!! and sad "
5 hours ago
Pastor Rolf Anderson liked Pastor Bhekisisa Zwane's blog post WHY DID JESUS EVER COME?
6 hours ago
Pastor Bhekisisa Zwane posted a blog post
From the Desk of Bhekisisa Zwane.Subject: Jesus Came, for What? One of the things you must be very clear about as a child of God is when Jesus had to come down here. We have heard many times that he came. Have you asked yourself why?Let us look at the reasons why he came.Seek and save the lost. “For the son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost”. Luke 19:10In this scripture, Jesus was speaking primarily of the Jews. They were lost since they fell away from God by rejecting the law. Jesus came to bring them back to God.We as gentiles were also included. We were lost in Adam and Jesus came to bring us back to God. The whole world was cut away from God by sin and Jesus came to reconcile God and man.Are you reconciled with God? If not, please don’t make the coming of Jesus to be in vain. Take advantage of it. Introduce the kingdom of God.“From that time Jesus began to preach and to say, ‘Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand’ “. Matthew 4:17.God has always wanted t…
7 hours ago
Terry Stonebarger left a comment on Prayer Requests
"FATHER we come to YOU this morning on behalf of Brother Greg who is requesting prayers for John and Marissa. both these souls need YOU and YOUR knowledge in their lives in order for them to get through the battles with Satan and his minions. This be our prayer, in JESUS' High and Holy Name........AMEN ///"
9 hours ago
Pastor Rolf Anderson posted a blog post
Strength for the Day
(James Smith, "Strength for the Day" 1859)
"As your days—so shall your strength be." Deuteronomy 33:25
This promise which ensures us suitable and sufficient strength for all future days—is made by One who loves us dearly. Loves us—but who shall describe, who can suitably represent His love!
It is Infinite love—and cannot be comprehended!
It is Eternal love—and cannot be measured!
It is Unchangeable love—and cannot be diverted from its objects!
It is Sovereign love—and was fixed on them without anything in them to attract or draw it toward them!
It is Divine love—
  deeper than a father's love;
  more tender than a mother's love;
  stronger than a husband's love.
This Divine love is . . .
  a fire that cannot be quenched,
  an ocean that cannot be exhausted,
  a sun that will never set!
10 hours ago
Greg Wischoff left a comment on Prayer Requests
"This prayer request is for my girlfriends dad. My girlfriend is already a Christian and her name is Angel Horbacz. Her dad is not a Christian and said the first time i met him told me he doesnt believe in organized religion. Angels dads name is John Horbacz. Please keep him in your prayers.

Also I have another prayer request for my cousin she is around 15 or 16 and doesnt know Jesus. In the past she has been suicidal and has done the cutting of the wrists. She has been hospitalized a few times over this. Also over the summer she came out as transgender and doesnt identify herself as a girl. She is still in a females body but she needs tones of prayer. Her real name is Marissa Gregory and she now likes to be called Matthew. I have been praying for her for a while now and have asked other to pray for her. She needs Jesus in the worst of ways. Please pray hard for my teenage cousin Marissa."
12 hours ago
Terry Stonebarger left a comment on Prayer Requests
"Thank you Pastor Rolf for the update. I have wondered what was happening. I am so glad that he is in good spirits given the circumstances. He has the LORD beside him. GOD Bless him and his family and GOD Bless you for being such a good friend. He and his family and friends have stayed in my prayers and will continue to do so."
17 hours ago
Terry Stonebarger left a comment on Prayer Requests
"LORD YOU are all knowing and all seeing and we appreciate that. Please be with Sister Mary's friend at the office and heal her problems with her throat rid her of any pain or residual effects from it. This be our prayer in JESUS' High and Holy Name.........AMEN"
21 hours ago
Pastor Rolf Anderson left a comment on Prayer Requests
"Update on Dave, my friend dying of lung cancer- he's still with us, Praise God, living miraculously I believe due to prayer power here and elsewhere. He's actually in good spirits, given that he will go any day. Only the Lord controls the date and time, eh? Thank you for the prayers, and keep them coming!"
21 hours ago
Pastor Rolf Anderson left a comment on Prayer Requests
"I also join you, in Jesus name!"
21 hours ago
Pastor Rolf Anderson left a comment on Prayer Requests
"I pray in agreement with Sister Mary for Betty. Let your healing Grace cover her."
21 hours ago
Mary Osborn left a comment on Prayer Requests
"Please pray for Betty (work). She has been coughing a lot today. God, please heal Betty. I ask that You soothe her soar throat. And please keep her in Your perfect peace. In Jesus Christ's name, Amen."
22 hours ago
Annette McEndarfer left a comment for Annette McEndarfer
"Thanks Derek. Been peeking in a bit now and again. Thanks so much for remembering and asking about the Young Men's conference. It was very low attendance but the three speakers and those attending said it went very well and they were all glad to have been together. I hope that some relationships made there will continue. "
Dr. Derek P. Blake left a comment for Annette McEndarfer
"Annette, so good to see you back on the site, I for one have missed you.  How did your 'Mission to Men' go, back in the summer?  Blessings."

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