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John Little left a comment on Daily Empowerment
"You matter! A spoken word (poetry)


Guess what we all are human! So don't be surprised or discouraged when you slip up. Pick yourself up dust yourself off and keep running that race! We are all God's chosen people! So go out and be a creation of God! Go out and be that body of Christ! Even Jesus said there will be people who do greater things than I! That can be you! Chant, pray, meditate! Breath it, live it, be it!"
10 minutes ago
Mikie Henderson DD replied to Mikie Henderson DD's discussion Women in the church
"I hope you take no offense at my answer, but, I disagree with you on that.
2 Timothy 3:16  All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:17  That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works."
28 minutes ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake replied to Mikie Henderson DD's discussion Women in the church
"One thing we must remember, the Epistles were letters written mostly by Paul, to church leaders, mainly addressing specific issues in that church.  This is the reason that some are addressed to the churches and some to specific leaders, like Timothy, in this case.  I do not believe that they were intended, at the time, for general instructions to the whole church.  As I indicated, Timothy's church was suffering from women who had swallowed some wrong teaching re Eve being created before Adam, thus giving women prescience over men."
1 hour ago
Mikie Henderson DD replied to Mikie Henderson DD's discussion Women in the church
"I wasn't going to say anything or respond to any comment.  I'm only trying to glean for my own growth.  I've been a pastor and currently am not pastoring.  Right now, I'm seeking God about what to do next.  I'm finding organized religion is an enemy of the body of Christ for more reasons than I care to discuss.   I'm finding more and more pastor/teachers have taken to an old roman catholic practice of using lexicons and interlinear bibles to teach the word of God (which practice I've vowed not to do), 

1 Timothy 6:4  He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings,2 Timothy 2:14  ¶Of these things put them in remembrance, charging them before the Lord that they strive not about words to no profit, but to the subverting of the hearers.
This takes attention away from the Words of God and focuses the attention on the teacher.  I believe the God who originally inspired the Bible is perfectly able to pres…"
1 hour ago
Pastor Rolf Anderson replied to Pastor Fred Wilson's discussion God's Accusation Against the Wicked
"How right you are, Brother! It seems that our current batch of leaders, except for a precious few, have the same self-serving attitudes as the Israelite leaders.I'm talking both in the political world and the religious one. How many of our politicians here or abroad would you really trust to set aside their own quest for power, fame, and money to truly focus on helping their constituents? And, how many leaders in the church, every church, fall victim, generally in a very public way, to sins of the flesh and are motivated the same as the politicians? The only answer is to turn to God, to ask Him to raise up good leaders for us to follow, and to be as Godly a leader as He expects us to be in our own sphere of influence, no matter how small or large that is.
To follow the path He has set out for each of us to the utmost of our ability, that needs to be our one true goal in this life, so we learn everything we can in preparation for our next life."
2 hours ago
Pastor Fred Wilson posted a discussion
Isaiah 56:10-11 says, Israel's watchman are blind, they all acknowledge; they're all mute to ask, they cannot bark; they lie around and dream, they love to sleep.Their dogs with mighty appetites; they never have enough, they are shepherds who lack understanding;  they all turned to their own way, each seeks his own gain.The watchman were the nations leaders. The leaders of Israel were blind to every danger. Apathetic about their peoples needs, they were more concerned about satisfying their own greed. Leaderships special privileges can cause leaders either to sacrifice for the good of their people or to sacrifice their people for their own greed. If you are in a leadership position, you do for the good of your people.God bless
2 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake replied to Mikie Henderson DD's discussion Women in the church
"Women in ministry, of all kinds, is not a new occurrence and the Old Testament lists several . Miriam was considered one of three celebrated national leaders, Deborah became a judge when Israel lived in great moral decline. Huldah served as a prophetess during the time of Josiah[2 Kings 22:11-20] and Esther, through the encouragement and endorsement of Mordecai, rose to a high profile position in order to save the nation. Esther emerged with extraordinary authority [Esther 4:14; 8:7-8; 9:29]. Jesus refused to acknowledge the second-class citizenship of women in His day and sought to lift them from that station.
Romans 16:1-15 gives us an peep into the relationships of women in the early church. Ten
of the twenty-seven Christians Paul greets in the passage are female (more than one third). Six of them (Phoebe, Priscilla, Junia, Tryphena, Tryphosa, and Persis) are specifically commended as women who “worked hard in the Lord” (Rom 16:12). The presence of these women fits in with what we…"
3 hours ago
Pastor Rolf Anderson left a comment on Christians United for Israel
"AIPAC is an organization very much like CUFI

Participate in AIPAC’s Policy Conference 2017 From Home!

Dear Friend of Israel:

We are excited to welcome 18,000 pro-Israel activists to Washington this weekend! The 2017 AIPAC Policy Conference is gearing up to be an extraordinary opportunity to learn, lead and lobby.

We hope you participate remotely! Please visit www.PolicyConference.org to find:

Live-streamed video of general sessions (March 26-28)

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Information about this year's policy and lobbying agenda

Our comprehensive event schedule

Watch your email for daily recaps. Speaker highlights, videos and on-stage moments will be sent out on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

Help AIPAC’s important work. Although you are not here with in Washington, you can still help our work to strengthen the vital U.S.-Israel relationship when you become an AIPAC member today. Support from activists like you provides the resources we need to work year-round with our…"
4 hours ago
Annette McEndarfer left a comment on Daughters Of The King
"Hi Ladies, you are invited to join in on this seven day reading plan called Women in the Easter Story. We can come together each day and read and go over the discussion questions. We'll start tomorrow, Monday, March 27. Don't worry if you can't meet us here each day, all of the information will be here for you to join in whenever works for you. You will need to sign up with youversion to access it, I think. https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/3851-women-in-the-easter-story"
6 hours ago
Annette McEndarfer replied to Mikie Henderson DD's discussion Women in the church
"Mary I love this "Failure to recognize that Christians grow together as they minister to one another can lead to painful symptoms in the body of Christ." 
I'm not sure why I missed this, because context is important to me, but I missed that in 1 Corinthians the issue of women speaking in church is right smack in the middle of the teaching on the gifts. Thanks for pointing that out the way you did. Which to me is all the more reason for us to take it to heart since otherwise we would have to dismiss the gifts as well. "
7 hours ago
Annette McEndarfer left a comment on Daughters Of The King
"I'm so glad you're here Terry. You are such an encourager!!"
7 hours ago
Pastor Rolf Anderson posted a blog post
From: Pastor Keith Hobkirk in Communist China (He emails these Grace Gems to me to post s the Government there has forbidden him from being online here. I email any comments back to him.  Pastor Rolf

He is both Teacher and Lesson, Guide and Way!
"Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am meek and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light." Matthew 11:29-30
(Matthew Henry)
We are here invited to Christ as . . .
  our Priest, to be saved by Him,
  our Prince, to be ruled by Him, and
  our Prophet, to be taught by Him.
First, we must come to Christ as our Rest, and repose ourselves in Him.
Second, we must come to Him as our Ruler, and submit ourselves in Him, 'Take My yoke upon you.' This must go along with the former, for Christ is exalted to be both a Prince and a Savior (Acts 5:31), 'a priest upon his throne' (Zechariah 6:13). The rest He promises is a release from the drudgery of sin — not from the service of…
9 hours ago
jade is now a member of Christian Artists & Crafters
10 hours ago
Pastor Rolf Anderson left a comment for Ayla Coburn
"Hello, Sister Ayla, and welcome to Christians Like Me! We're a web based community of committed Christians who come here to share our Faith in Jesus Christ, support each other in all our affairs, learn from each other, and have some fun! May I have you first go to the main home page where at the top there is a Newcomers Guide, which will help you learn to navigate this large site. Next to that are suggestions for getting involved here, and some guidelines and rules to help us all get along here. If you need more personal help with any of this, message Dr Derek Blake or myself.
I join all the members in praying that you make a good home here with all of us!"
10 hours ago
Ayla Coburn is now a member of Join the #1 Christian Social Network - ChristiansLikeMe.net
10 hours ago
Christine lydia Ward and Dr. Derek P. Blake are now friends
11 hours ago
Mary Osborn replied to Zomok, steve's discussion Isaiah 27:1- Leviathan
"I can offer a different perspective. There is a demon that believes it can drink the Nile. That's how I remember it's function or purpose. The large Nile crocodile is a good picture of what it does. What does it do with its prey? One of its names is leviathan although it can go by other names. Many pagan holidays are centered around excessive drinking and also drug use. 
God bless,
13 hours ago
Mary Osborn replied to Mikie Henderson DD's discussion Women in the church
"Hi God bless,
All of this is from my textbook (Called to the Ministry, Edmund Clowney) The member serves best who does heartily what he/she is given to do as a good steward of the grace committed to him/her. There are no useless gifts of grace; there is no Christian without a ministry-the capacity to serve Christ and the opportunity to do it. 
Every gift you have received, then, is a calling of the Spirit. You dare not ignore your gifts, neglect them, or wrap them in a napkin to be presented unused to Christ on his return.
And another came, saying, Lord, behold, here is thy pound, which I have kept laid up in a napkin: (Luke 19:20 KJV)
We're not all up in front teaching, but we each have something to give. We're not all standing and delivering a word of prophecy and speaking in tongues. People will think we're mad. The Corinthians had this problem. It's supposed to be decent and in order.
Many women are really good at caring for people who are sick. In some religious circles, chicken…"
13 hours ago
Rudolph Drummond is now a member of Daily Empowerment
14 hours ago

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