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This group is for gathering and disseminating information, opinion, and having discussions on the current state of America from a Christian viewpoint. Politics, Foreign Affairs, Culture, Current Issues; all are "fair game" here. There's so much going on in the World that shows the return of Jesus soon!


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About this group

With the elections coming up, and quite a few significant issues going on at this time in this country, this group was set up as a place to address some of these issues and problems with the intent to bring God into the discussion: What would He think, or do about some of these things. What would He want Christians on this site to be knowledgeable about that's going on in America right now?

I  think it reasonable to say that we all love America; some more, some less but we are all interested in whats to become of it in the next few years, and in how God can or will play a part in it.

"Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom He hath chosen for His own inheritance." Psalms 33:12.

Of course, respect for opposing opinions must be respected here, as elsewhere on this site.

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  • I was pondering today about all the folks the world over battling cancer, my Daddy included. I had three sobering thoughts. First the cure for cancer may have already been aborted forever more because it was to come from a child who if left to grow into an adult would have unlocked the mysteries unlocking the cure. Second what if the cure for cancer is some small obscured plant that's unknown growing in a seven acre plot of land owned by a CHURCH in a small corner of the world. It might never be found by researchers because man does not want to retain GOD in his knowledge, so GOD hides the cure. Third ,what if the Christian Prays continually and the LORD heals without any medical cure or plant ? (Mark 10:27) And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible". I really do believe that all things are possible with GOD . That nothing is so small or hidden from HIS face and glance. Lets keep the LORD in our hearts and minds so the hand of mercy is extended to humanity through HIS healing touch.
  • If this has been asked before please direct me to the conversation but I was wondering what your thoughts are on christians and their role in politics. I have heard that there are denominations that teach that it is all in God's hands and not compelled to vote or speak out on issues. I see in scripture that we are to pray or those in the government and be in submission to authorities but I've wondered ... above prayer and submission just what is a christian's responsibility in it all.
    • This is only my opinion, but I have always felt that since God had a hand in developing our country and guiding our founding fathers and its documents, that as its citizens we should prayerfully vote and participate as long as it does not violate our Christian conscience and God's laws. God sets up leaders and removes leaders of this world. As long as we are in God's will, we are doing the right thing.
    • Again, this is only my opinion, but it seems to me that to a great extent, God seems to have withdrawn His blessings from much of the western world. Both the US and here in the UK, Satan has taken control and His people are suffering as they have never suffered before, Christians are being persecuted and evil is being glorified. The west has fallen away, rewritten the law of God, in a recent court case the King James Translation was labeled as evil by a judge. Christians are being prosecuted for standing by God's law.
    • I have often wondered how close one has to get to the litter box ,too smell like the litter box. I'm not sure that society would not benefit by having Christian representation, yet I just cannot get this scripture out of my mind when this question gets asked. (2 Timothy 2:4) No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.
    • I believe while we are above it, and have a higher calling, we have responsibility (how much would depend on the individual) to get involved in politics to further the teachings of Scripture. Abortion, for example. I don't believe any Christian in this country should vote for anyone Pro-abortion, and that we should go and vote if for nothing else, to further the Pro-Life candidate. Same with the radical homosexual movement attempting to change God's definitions and relationship rules. We live here, are affected by these things, and will come to judgement depending on our voting habits.
      I believe there are blessings and judgements upon this country depending on our laws and how we treat people here. We have been put into a real bad place by the previous administration and I pray every day, and get involved, to change things around to restore God's blessings on this land again.
    • Brother Anderson, I do indeed believe that GOD has HIS people fighting on every front and towards every endeavour that effects our corrupt society, I just can't figure out the yard stick to use to make the determination on how deep we may indulge in the pursuit of righteous law and balance it with so little allotted time to win the lost on a one on one, face to face basis. The LORD said the world would get worse. I believe that maybe with so little time left that that corrupt arena might be best left to those who are planning on staying behind after we go BYE,BYE.
    • I, also, believe in a pre-trib rapture, but to just sit and wait for it, not trying to improve this society to God's ways is fatalistic and I don't think that it would please God. It is written that we don't/can't know the time of the rapture- so none of us know if we will be raptured or die a natural death. While I'm still here, I will be working to bring God's ways to our lives thru peaceful politicking.
    • Pastor Rolf, I do agree with you. It is that simple. I stated to many who asked why I wouldn't vote for Clinton and my response was always the same. I'm a Christian, how can i be a good one and help to elect a murderer? It is my opinion that if someone is running and in the past had been accused of murder (I'm thinking of Bengazi) plus she supported abortion, then I cannot in all good consciousness vote that way. I also believe she made too many references to Tammy Wynette and "Stand By MY Man" during her husband's term. Bottom line in my opinion you must vote your conscience (and hopefully you've got a good one) to be a good Christian.
    • Amen, Sister Terry, GOD expects us to be GODLY in all things and I do believe GOD can forgive one who might have made the big mistake in casting such a vote, yet that does not actually mean that HE is going to repeal the judgement of the results the vote caused.
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