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One thing I love to do, when I have the time, is to paint, in my case it's mostly landscapes.  Painting landscapes fits so well with my interest in creation and my photography, God's creation is so awesome and wonderful that I cannot stop celebrating it.  However I believe that anything we create is a reflection of our creator.  My wife and I are very much into crafts and we have a room specially for the purpose, my wife loves to produce Afghan Crochet and runs several groups.  On line she hosts a large group and has formed a group at our church where people share their skills, sh also makes cards and creates Cross Stitch pieces that are awesome.  I love to make marine models and do graphic design work and will turn my hand to almost any sort of craft.

So, if you like being creative in any way, join us, teach us and learn from us, most of all HAVE FUN.

It would be great if we could share our work and possibly share our skills and gifts also, with hints and tips to help us produce better pieces. 


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  • A warm welcome to Christian Artists and Crafters Group Regina Duncan, new members are always welcome. Perhaps you could let us know what your interests are in the arts or crafts, you gave us no clue in your list of hobbies. We exist to share and to inspire, help each other where we can with hints and tips. As you can see there is a wide range catered for and there's always room to expand.
  • Welcome to the Group LK, I look forward to your contribution, here. We are open to everyone who is creative in any way, a part of our image to God is the human need to create nd through this we obtain contentment.
  • I don't know how to poat a photo here.
    • See the message I just wrote you for instructions.
  • Welcome to the Christian Artists & Crafters Group Don great to have you with us. I hope that you will continue to post here and share with us about your art, and I hope the group inspires you in some small way. We are open to everyone who is creative in any way, a part of our image to God is the human need to create nd through this we obtain contentment.
  • Welcome to the Christian Artists and Crafters group Albert, whether looking and reading or posting your comments and examples of your own work, we would like to give you a warm welcome. I hope the group will inspire you to go further with whatever craft or art you love. Feel free to post as and when.
  • Welcome to the Christian Artists and Crafters Group, Rebecca, it's always good to have new members join us and bring a fresh perspective. Please feel free to post here at any time, and let us know which arts or crafts you are interested in, if we don't cover your interests we can always create new sections of the group to cater for you. I hope you enjoy the group.
  • I've started to do adult coloring this year. So far, posting some of the works on Facebook and Google Plus via my phone camera and saving pages from Pinterest to print in the future (some w/ Christian themes). I find doing this relaxing. Hopefully I can share some of my work here.
  • Welcome to our little group Carolina, I hope you enjoy being a part of us here and maybe display some samples of your art and craft work. The group is very flexible and can cover any craft or medium, we just add new sections. Our aim is to inspire and help people to progress in their hobbies by sharing tips and experience. Thank you for joining.
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