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Join this group if you want to listen or share inspiring Christian music with others!  I want this group to be a place where everyone can listen to Christian music and relax in the arms of Jesus. 

Somewhere where members can discuss and recommend their favorite album or track in the FORUM section, and to be able to post tracks that mean something to them in the FAVORITE TRACKS section.

Above all - enjoy.

This group is lead by Dr. Derek P. Blake, if you have any suggestions please contact him by internal e-mail.

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  • Greetings everyone! Here is one of my favorite songs right now. The song is by Iron Bell Music and is based on Divine relationship. It speaks of the expression of joy through song and dance to God's mystifying and awesome Love and Grace. Dwell in the mystery of God's greatest desire, to hold our hearts.
  • I enjoy much music! singing of the LORD and more. Greeting from Watsonville California
  • Welcome to the Christian Music Group Timothy, I hope you will enjoy the group and maybe post some of your favorite tracks, and you could always tell us why they are your favorite, and possibly the memories they evoke.
  • I have gone from Worship teams to mainly studio work and collaborations at this point ;) Im hoping there is more sharing in this group about reaching more souls through our art and just what is and whats not working :)
    • You may get more response to this hope by joining the Christian Musicians Group, this group is mainly about listening to music, not necessarily for those that play.
      Having played both drums and guitar in worship bands for about thirty five years, I must say that I do prefer both playing and recording in the context of live music. I have recorded in studio situations a few times and for me you seem to loose the atmosphere of real worship. Studio recordings mostly seem dead and cold, clinical if you like, because everyone insists on technical perfection, using several takes until we get it just right. Back in the eighties we were recording a worship tape and I didn't like any of the tracks we had laid down, so we tried an experiment. The following Sunday we asked for volunteers from church to come to the studio the following weekend, Friday evening, all day Saturday and possibly Sunday afternoon if things did not go well. About thirty people turned up and we had a practice on the Friday evening, and recorded thirteen tracks on the Saturday, those people sang their hearts out. We told them just to worship and to forget about the microphones and all the equipment and just worship God. The result was stunning, and we used every one of those tracks, around fifteen thousand cassettes were sold across the UK (the money, £50,000, went to the church community centre building fund).
  • Don't forget everyone, if you are a musician, we have the Christian Musician's Group; somewhere to share ideas, techniques, help and laughs, to help those who play, whether in their bedroom or leading worship.
  • Welcome to the Christian Music group Marie, I hope you enjoy the group and bring some of the music that you love to the group. I and others love to read the stories behind the songs, so please feel free to give us the low-down. Sorry no prize this time but maybe when we get the a thousandth member, but don't all rush. Welcome again.
  • WooHoo! I'm the 100th member of this group. I win the prize of getting to know y'all!
  • Welcome to the the Christian Music group Shadae, I hope you will enjoy the music here and maybe post some of the music that you enjoy. It is always great, and interesting, to read why people post music, what it means to them. Thanks for joining us.
  • Welcome to the Christian Music group Ray, great to have you as a member. I hope there are some music videos that will inspire you or will help you worship our incredible God. Please feel free to upload tracks from You Tube or similar that maybe have a story behind them, or just music that you like. Blessings.
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