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Join this group if you want to listen or share inspiring Christian music with others!  I want this group to be a place where everyone can listen to Christian music and relax in the arms of Jesus. 

Somewhere where members can discuss and recommend their favorite album or track in the FORUM section, and to be able to post tracks that mean something to them in the FAVORITE TRACKS section.

Above all - enjoy.

This group is lead by Dr. Derek P. Blake, if you have any suggestions please contact him by internal e-mail.

102 Members
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  • Don't forget everyone, if you are a musician, we have the Christian Musician's Group; somewhere to share ideas, techniques, help and laughs, to help those who play, whether in their bedroom or leading worship.
  • Welcome to the Christian Music group Marie, I hope you enjoy the group and bring some of the music that you love to the group. I and others love to read the stories behind the songs, so please feel free to give us the low-down. Sorry no prize this time but maybe when we get the a thousandth member, but don't all rush. Welcome again.
  • WooHoo! I'm the 100th member of this group. I win the prize of getting to know y'all!
  • Welcome to the the Christian Music group Shadae, I hope you will enjoy the music here and maybe post some of the music that you enjoy. It is always great, and interesting, to read why people post music, what it means to them. Thanks for joining us.
  • Welcome to the Christian Music group Ray, great to have you as a member. I hope there are some music videos that will inspire you or will help you worship our incredible God. Please feel free to upload tracks from You Tube or similar that maybe have a story behind them, or just music that you like. Blessings.
  • Hi Craig, welcome to the Christian Music Group, I hope you will find some great music here that will lift you up. As a member you can also upload any music you like to the group, some song that may mean something to you, or that you just like. We can only accept videos that are already on You Tube or Vimeo etc but if you want to upload your own then there are instructions on how to do this in the 'How to Do Almost Everything . . . ' group. I hope it blesses you.
  • Welcome to the Christian Music Group I hope you will find some music here that lifts you up and lifts Jesus up even further. Please feel free to post your favorite song or music, or a song that has a story behind it.
  • Welcome to the Christian Music group Lisa, it's always great to welcome a new member. We aim to encourage and inspire, so I invite you to share your favorite music videos, and maybe tell why they are your favorites. I look forward to hearing some great tracks.
  • Hi John, another welcome, this time to the Christian Music group. Feel free to add your favorite music and maybe a little explanation about why a song or Hymn means something special to you. Just keep an eye on copyright, but as long as it's featured on You Tube, you are fairly safe. Just enjoy the music and praise God. Just in case you play an instrument or sing, I have another group especially for Christian Musicians.
  • Hello again Jamie, welcome to the Christian Music group, please let us know what music you like to listen to, and you can even post your favorite tracks from You Tube or Vimeo. You may also like to tell the group why you like the music you post. Enjoy the music.
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