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There being a number of members from my side of the Atlantic Ocean (The Pond) I thought it was time that we had our own group where British issues can be discussed.  The US is spiritually a close neighbor, it being a former colony, but there are amny differences, in our way of life, our type of democracy, even some of our language and certainly our sense of humour.

So here is a place to discuss any issues that are British, faith, politics, culture and the rest.  Where required we can add specialised pages for various types of post, so just let me know what you want.

Group Leader: Dr Derek Blake

8 Members
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  • Welcome to the Over the Pond Group Ian, it is not very active, but UK members do visit to read, but very little discussion. Love to get more activity here.
  • Welcome to our little group John, great to have you join us, if you have any UK issues or things that you would like to discuss, please feel free to post them here. I would dearly love this group to be more active and attract more brothers and sisters from the UK, so an extra special welcome to you.
  • Welcome to 'Over the Pond' Jeanette, here is a place to discuss issues that are peculiar to the UK, please feel free to start or reply to discussions here. It has not been too active so far but I hope to change that soon. Welcome again.
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