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"Yes. Amen.."
Zomok, steve replied to Pastor Bhekisisa Zwane's discussion Easter or Passover?
"In Acts chapter 12, verse 4, the Greek has "pascha" and the origin for this word goes back to "passover" , and not "easter".  It seems to me that only ardent KJV only types are arguing that "easter" is the proper word to be placed in the text.
The E…"
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"I love these two Cardinal commands.  They reflect the Shema and basically sum up the Ten Commandments.  I consider this blog a success because many have read the words even if only a few of us have typed any words.  It is my hope that more members w…"
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"Terry I do not know what goes on between you and your "therapist" but being charitable is not codependecy, however, if you are being charitable to get the approval of others and even enabling others to do things that are wrong (i.e. buying drugs), t…"
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     "The one who finds his life will lose it, and the one who loses his life because of me will find it."-Matthew 10:39It is good to review some basics of Christian teachings.  In Matthew 10 Yeshua is telling those that will listen that they have t…
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"Wonderful verse Carla"
Nov 9
Welcome all new members to the site. There are many groups here and much to read. God Bless..
Zomok, steve replied to Dr. Derek P. Blake's discussion Moses - Man or Superman? in Bible Study
"Moses (or Moshe) was not a superman but he was special.  God set Moses aside as special and used the man for special purposes and the story of Moses is not mythical in the sense as often used today, sort of a fable or untrue tale, but rather a sacre…"
Nov 5
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Nov 4
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"My father had a 64 pickup like the one above and later painted it cherry red.  He purchased it while it was still late modeled in late 60s.  Before that he had a yellow one much like the middle one above. I believe it was a 57.  I recall both having…"
Nov 4
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  "And if thine eye doth cause thee to stumble, pluck it out and cast from thee; it is good for thee one-eyed to enter into the life, rather than having two eyes to be cast to the gehenna of the fire."--Matt. 18:9 Young's Literal TranslationWhen Jes…
Nov 2
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   "O give thanks unto the God of heaven: for his mercy endureth for ever."- Psalm 136:26If the Lords mercy (checed) endures continually then there is always hope.  With this in mind, let us emulate this and try to show continual mercy toward others…
Nov 1
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Oct 31
Oct 31